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Lynx current development

We are currently working on Lynx 2.9.2.

This page contains links to the most recent Lynx development source code.

Current Version

Older Versions

Important Documents

Other resources


A release of Lynx and pointers to Lynx for DOS386+ and Win32 are available from several locations:

Win32 Installers
Windows installers for the most recent release and for current development.
2.8.9dev.11, zip-file (see ftp-directory)
Frederic Meunier's page
2.8.7rel.2, zip-file
Lynx for Win32 (by patakuti)
2.8.6rel.4, English and Japanese installers.
Doug Kaufman's Web Site – DOS ports
2.8.5rel.1, zip-files, with support for message libraries.
2.8.5rel.1 installer.
Lynx for Win32 – Jim Spath
2.8.3rel.1 and 2.8.4pre.5 zip-files
Lynx for DOS 386+ or Win32
2.8.3dev.16 and 2.8.2rel.1 zip-files



Archivers: gz, bz2, zip

Gzip can be obtained from any Gnu archive site, e.g.,

Bzip 2 home page

Info-Zip home page

UNIX packages

You can usually use your systems' port or package system:

Packages: includes ssl, NLS and IPV6 support
Ports for lynx: includes Japanese and ssl flavours
From 1998 to mid-2015, OpenBSD provided an older version in the base system, with no port (for newer releases).
Since then, OpenBSD has provided an up-to-date port.

Language Support

Lynx supports multiple languages through use of gettext:

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