Lynx's Visited Links Page displays all of the links that you have traveled through during the current Lynx session, except for any temporary menu or list files, bookmark files, or any documents associated with POST content. The VLINKS keystroke command for invoking this page normally is mapped to uppercase “V”. The list of Visited Links is normally in order of recency (most recently visited links first), without repetitions in the list if a link was visited more than once during the session (unless the URLs differ due to appended fragments), and is supplementary to the History Page.


You may select any link on the Visited Links Page to retrieve a document that you had previously visited, or you can use this list to save such links in your bookmark files, or to Download them.

In contrast to the History Page, the Visited Links Page includes any links which were retrieved for “d”ownloading or were passed to helper applications, i.e., not just the links that were rendered and displayed by Lynx, itself.


You may change the appearance of the Visited Links Page via a popup menu on that page (which also appears on the Options Menu). The menu allows you to choose whether to view the list ordered by the first or last visit, forward or reversed – or a mixture (a tree structure).