Lynx's History Page displays all of the links that you have traveled through to reach your current point, including any temporary menu or list files that included links, bookmark files, and any documents associated with POST content. If you entered a document and then left it by using the left-arrow key, it will not be in the history stack. If you entered a document and left it by selecting another link within that document, it will be in the history stack.


You may select any link on the History Page to review a document that you have previously visited. That link, and any subsequent to it, will not be removed from the history stack if you return to it via the History Page. You thus should use a History Page link, rather than the left-arrow key, if you wish to review previous documents without needing to remember and repeat the series of selections for reaching your currently displayed document.

Upon using left-arrow in the document selected via the History Page, you will be returned to the document from which you initially went to the History Page.

If a previously visited link has been removed from the history stack, and it was not a temporary menu or list file, bookmark file, or document associated with POST content, it can still be selected conveniently via the Visited Links Page. The latter also will include links which were “d”ownloaded or passed to a helper application, and thus were not included in the history stack.