After entering the p command you will be presented with a list of print options. In all cases the file will be printed in ASCII format with the hypertext links removed. The number of options depends on the level of printing that your system allows.

Print-command Options

The following print options may be available:

Print to a local file:
This allows you to save the current file as ASCII text to your local disk. You will be asked for a path and filename to save the file to. If no path is given, the file will be saved to the directory that you were in when you began Lynx.
Print to the screen:
This option simply scrolls the entire document up the screen and is intended for those who wish to capture the document with their terminal.
Mail the file to yourself:
This option allows you to mail the file, in ASCII form, to any valid e-mail address.
Custom print options:
Any number of custom print options may be defined in lynx.cfg.