Lynx2.8.3 SSL Support

Lynx is capable of supporting the secure transfer of information using SSL and the HTTPS and SNEWS services via replacement files or patch files for the general distribution. The current version of the patch, assembled by Mark Mentovai, is available as the SSL enhancement for Lynx 2.8.3. It is based on Foteos Macrides' SSL enhancement for Lynx 2.7.2 (available in the SSL subdirectory of the archives). It is important to note that the export of these files from the United States or Canada, or the access of these files by United States or Canadian citizens may be prohibited. Read the export regulations at these sites for details.

These patches are currently based on the SSLeay crypto and SSL libraries, whose distribution and use are restricted by licenses and state and US laws and regulations as described in the SSLeay and SSLapps FAQ.

A daemon which can be used analogously to a proxy by a hookless Lynx image to handle the SSL protocol on the hookless image's behalf also is available, as edssl081a.tgz, also in the SSL subdirectory. This daemon also requires the SSLeay libraries.
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